$2/1 got2b Hair Products Coupon from Facebook!

The second best thing to freebies for me is coupons that can get you cheap products. got2b products start at about $3.49 at stores. You can print this high-value coupon for got2b Hair Care Products by liking their page on Facebook , clicking the got2b Coupon tab at the top, and printing your coupon for $2/1 full size got2b Hair Care Product. You may be able to print two by pressing the back button after you print your first one.

(For those of you that don’t  know what $2/1 means, it means $2 off one product. So, $1/2 means $1 off two products, $.50/1 means $.50 off one product and so forth.)

This is yet another example of how companies use the hundreds of millions of users on Facebook to advertise their products. Advertising on social media is the new fad you can say; it’s a business tool for companies large and small.  They say that if Facebook was a country it would be the third largest in the world, behind China and India. When they aren’t giving out freebies there are always coupons to be found on companies’ Facebook sites. All they want you to do is “like” their page. By liking their page, all your friends can see that you like it, and they may like and their friends, and so on. And this is how Facebook advertising works.