Play Subway Fiery Footlong Instant Win Game!

When you are waiting on your free samples to come in the mail and you are done shopping with all your new coupons, how about you play a game and try to win some great prizes?! All you need to do is find some codes. Codes can be found on various Subway products such as on a cup, a Breakfast Wrapper Sticker, a specially marked bag of SUNCHIPS® Monterey Jack and Sundried Tomato Multigrain Snacks Sticker or a Complimentary Code found on various online places (just Google for them!)

So go here, type in your codes, and play the simple little game for your chance to win free subs, movie rentals, game systems, and a year supply of Subway! You can type in as many codes as you want a day.

A great place to find these codes is Twitter! Twitters is another social networking site and since we just discussed it in class, I thought I would bring it up. In addition to finding codes on Twitter to use to get prizes, everyweek for the past four weeks Subway Fiery Footlong did “fire drills”. Randomly, Subway would post a “fire drill” and the first, say 1,000 or so people, to click the link in their tweet would win a prize! Unfortuantely, the “fire drills” are over for the time being, but you can still try to win prizes from codes!

After creating your own Twitter account, make sure to “follow”  subwayfreshbuzz, and then tune in for new codes. Twitter allows you to see what your friends, and places like Subway, are up to. Twitter asks “What’s happening” and then you can post a status that all your followers can see. You can follow whoever you want and people can follow you, so you can always see what your friend is up to and vice versa.

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