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This week I am going to introduce you to a new site that I have just started using a few months ago that I love! is a website where you can buy gift cards to various stores, restaurants, and sites at a very discounted price! Gift cards are at least 50% off but are usually much more! I recently bought one for 75% off. You can search gift cards by location. Searching Baltimore will get you stores and restaurants in our area, but you can buy from any location if you want. If the gift card is from Los Angeles and for an online store, then you can buy and use it with no problem still.

Groupon is a contraction of “group coupon”. For these great deals to be possible every single day a minimum number of people must buy the “groupon”. If the minimum is not met then the people who bought it already will be returned their money but typically that is never a problem. When deciding whether to purchase the groupon you can read comments and ratings of the place or site written by other users. When you create an account on, you have really created yourself a little profile on their site, picture and all. You can also connect via Facebook so your friends can see what you are up to. Then you are able to like the groupons to see which ones are really popular. You can also tweet them using the button above the deal. People are able to share their good and bad experiences to anyone that is considering buying a groupon to these places.

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  1. sfeng26 says:

    This is really interesting; I had no idea there were websites like this but I will definitely check out this site. I think that if more people knew about this it could be very useful, especially if you were to buy a gift for a friend and not know what to get. These discounted gift cards would be a great idea. 🙂

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