No internet, no freebies?!


Back in the day, free samples used to be just the food samples in the grocery stores. Nowadays, the internet is home to so many free samples. How else could a company get that many people interested in their products? They can’t just randomly mail samples to people and it would be unrealistic for a toothpaste company to set up a table and give out samples in your local grocery store.

I have never realized before how much of an effect the internet has on the business world. Not only are companies able to give out free samples and coupons (to many willing people!), they are able to advertise this way. With one site they can reach anyone in the world. That is impossible to do with television or snail mail.

On the companies’ websites you can contact them directly, eliminating the need to make a phone call. When you give a company your email address, through ordering a free sample or just to sign up for their newsletters, they are able to contact all of these interested people at once just by clicking the “send” button. Many of the companies also have their own pages on Facebook. On the wall, people can give the companies suggestions, voice their good and bad opinions, and even meet with other people that share your opinion. And when you “like’ a page on Facebook your friends can see and then they might “like” it too! Facebook allows the companies to connect to the crowd with just one click.

You already know how much I love free samples, almost as much as I love the internet! It’s a good thing we have the internet or we would be missing out on so much! Companies would also be missing out! Many people use their websites to see information on their products and find coupons to use. If the internet wasn’t here, it would be much, much harder for companies to advertise and connect to people.


Here are some freebies you can try, thanks to our lovely internet!



U by Kotex



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