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Cheap Microsoft Office & Windows 7 for Students (Guest Post)

Guest Post by Mike…

If you are a college student and are planning on purchasing Microsoft Office or Windows 7, you can get it a lot cheaper than the normal retail price.  Microsoft has a program called The Ultimate Steal which offers Microsoft Office Professional Academic 2010 for $79.95 ($500 retail price) and Windows 7 Professional for $64.95 ($200 retail price).  Mac users can also get Microsoft Office for Mac Academic 2011 for $99.95 ($280 retail price).  Check with your college before you buy though, in case they do offer a lower price.  In my case, this was cheaper than buying through my college.

If any students are interested in software development, Microsoft also has a program called Dreamspark which allows you to download a lot of their professional software development programs (Such as Visual Studio 2010 Professional, Expression Studio 4 Ultimate and others), as well as their server versions of windows for FREE.  These programs typically cost several hundred dollars at normal retail price!  Once again, you just have to have a “.edu” email address to be eligible.