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Can you really get good stuff for free?

So you haven’t started couponing because you don’t think it’s worth it? Let’s see if if can sway your thinkin’. I went out today with my mom to Target, Rite Aid, and CVS. I have shared these deals with you all earlier in the week so I am not going to give details (because all the sales end tonight anyway).

Here’s Target:


^^This includes chicken, a storage/shelving unit, and a box to go in it.

And Rite Aid:

^^Just paid tax and got back more $UP Rewards then I spent

And then CVS:
^^Just paid tax!

My total OOP today was exactly $5 (crazy!), and I got a $5 gift card from Target from buying 3 Aveeno products. So that makes every you see here, FREE.

There’s more shopping/freebies to be done tomorrow (Safeway and drug stores) so stay tuned!