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Free Hello Kitty Band-Aids

Target and Walmart have the 10 ct. pack of Hello Kitty Band-aids for for $0.97-$1 (Look in travel size). Use the $2/2 coupon here to score two packs for FREE! This coupon has no size exclusions on Band-aids. You can also use them on the 8-10 ct. original band-aids from the travel size section (CVS has them for $0.99 too), but I think the Hello Kitty ones are much cuter and make great Easter basket fillers or donations.

Thanks to my friend, April!

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  1. sasha says:

    Just so you know this coupon has been reported as fraudulent. I think everyone is just figuring it out in the last week. I read that there is a 2500 dollar reward offered for information on where it came from.

    • Brandi says:

      @Sasha, the coupon placed on the CIC List is NOT the actual printable coupon that was available. The coupon on the fraudulent list is a coupon that someone made a very large number of copies of and sold them.
      The original coupon is still valid, but if anyone still has them, I recommend getting rid of them to not cause a stir.

  2. sasha says:

    well shoot i threw mine away after i read that but i would rather get rid of it and not take the chance. How did you find out it was a copied one? I really wondered about it being fraudulent when it was a bricks.

    • Brandi says:

      @Sasha, it’s definitely better that you got rid of it; better safe than sorry. We get enough cheap/free with coupons anyway!

      These two sites explain a bit more about it, if you are interested:
      Here and Here

  3. sasha says:

    thanks so much for taking the time to show me were the information is. i lurk at wuc all the time but didn’t see that post. have been greatly enjoying your site. once again thanks

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