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I have been terribly busy this past week and exceptionally busy yesterday. I never had the chance to sit down at the computer. It was “Maryland Day” at my college so I showed my sister and her friends around most of the day. Then, I got to make a lovely trip to ShopRite to take advantage of their triple coupons this week. My mom works near ShopRite, so we’ve been shopping there more. After a huge, but rushed trip to the store, I went to a concert. I was exhausted last night, to say the least. I’m spending this gray, rainy day at home on catching up on coupons, blogging, and other odds and ends.

I want to share my ShopRite trip because it’s a great example of the magic of coupons. I got snacks, breakfast foods, cleaning supplies, and $10 worth of ground beef and still saved 90% on my grocery bill. I only spent $30 on all of this. I saved over $266. 🙂


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