Walmart: Money Maker on Wisk!

A reader e-mailed me this great deal and I wanted to share it with you all too! Some Walmarts are starting to sell a smaller 12 Load size Wisk Detergent. They are priced at $0.97.

There are $2/1 coupons available (some just expired Saturday though) if you look for them. Ebay is selling them, people have reported finding hang tags and also check your coupons in case you received a coupon with a recent free sample. Just make sure the coupon doesn’t have a size exclusion!!

If you are lucky enough to find these coupons and cute bottles, you’ll get $1.03 overage per bottle! What a great deal!

Thanks again to reader Michael for the deal and picture! If anyone wants to share deals or great trips, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]!