Gardening with the Savvy Student Shopper!

I’m very late getting this post up because I’ve been oh, so busy, but late is better than never!

I’m going to start these “Gardening with the Savvy Student Shopper” posts to show you all pictures of my garden and maybe even convince you to start your own. I’m by no means an expert and some of you might just look at the pictures for daily amusement, but I don’t mind. 😉

My family has had a garden for as long as I remember. We moved into this house about 15 years ago, so I assume the garden started shortly after. I’ve learned what I know from my Dad and then just my own experience. I love having a garden because for a few months out of the year my family doesn’t have to pay for some fruits and veggies, like tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumber, blackberries, and tons of herbs. Produce is expensive and we don’t usually find coupons for them. Also, I enjoy having a garden to care for. I love seeing the tiny seeds I planted turn into luscious (well… sometimes) plants. It’s relaxing to water my garden, pick the fruits and veggies and then yummy to eat them! Gardening is a great activity to start with children as well.

So here goes!

My Birthday fortunately falls within the Spring months, so gardening tools, seeds, etc. always make a lovely gift. Here’s some of the things I got this year:

This next picture is where I start my seedlings. You can’t just throw the seeds right into a huge garden and expect them to blossom. They need the personal love they get from starting out in their own little home. Now is a good time to start planting if you live around me. The chance of frost is pretty low. Some people starting out make the mistake of planting too early, but they’ll learn. Besides what I got for my birthday, everything else was reused from last year, which is why some of my stuff looks a little shabby, but I’m frugal and it works just fine for me.

I didn’t have much time to get as many things planted as I wanted to, but this will give you an idea. In the next 2 pictures I have my tomato, cucumber, and carrot seeds. I put 2 seeds in each little pot in case one chooses not to sprout. When they sprout and look nice and strong, I’ll transfer them to the garden. The following picture are my herb seeds: Basil, Cilantro, and Parsley. I always keep my herbs in pots (except for my Oregano bush, but that’s another story), so these will be transported into larger pots when the time comes.

Here’s a picture of my Chives and Mint. They grow back every single year. I find it would be almost impossible to kill these two herbs, so if you are just starting out, give these a try! All I had to do was clean them up and transport them into new pots and they are good to go.

And here’s a picture of some sticks I stuck in a pot. I’m just kidding. They are Plumerias, one of my favorite flowers in the whole wide world. The obsession started after I bought one of the stems when I was in Hawaii over 5 years ago. Every year since I’ve tried to grow my own. I don’t think anyone in MD sells them so I have to order from a more tropical place. With that being said, Plumerias don’t really dig MD weather, but I do my best to grow them. I had success one year and had it bloom for weeks. It was absolutely beautiful. Here’s a picture of what mine looked like. My original pictures are hiding on an old computer. I’ve never done 5 before, so this will be an adventure. Here’s hoping that at least one of them at least gets leaves this summer!

The rest of these posts won’t be this long. They’ll just be updates and tidbits. I took these pictures 2 weeks ago, and when I went home last weekend, some of the seeds had already sprouted! I’ll share next week! 🙂