Chick-fil-A: Sign up for Text Alerts!


Alright, we have an update for my mom!
“Today and the next two Thursdays (5/12 and 5/19) you can go in for breakfast, Lunch and dinner and say “I can take the heat” and you can get either a free spicy sandwich or spicy nuggets.”
So there you go, hurry on over to Chick-fil-a. And do so the next two Thursdays too!

If you go here and type in your mobile phone number, Chick-fil-a will send you updates when your locations is doing a promo. I’m signing myself up right now!

When will this come in handy? Take today for instance, did you know you could have gotten a FREE spicy biscuit for breakfast this morning? Well you would have known if you got the text!

My mom e-mailed me the other day telling me about this promo she heard on the radio. I didn’t know if it was just the one near her and I couldn’t find any info on it, so I didn’t post it. But apparently this deal was on for many locations! It’s too late for our breakfast biscuit now, BREAKFAST, LUNCH, AND DINNER -GO! but sign up for future texts in you are a Chick-fil-a lover like me.

**Do make sure your store is participating**

And thanks mom, I should have listened to you!