Mamapedia: FREE Flowers for Mother’s Day!

I posted this deal yesterday, but it gets hotter!

Update: It was free if you bought yesterday but since it’s being delivered tomorrow, it’ll now cost you about a whooping $4.

  • Sign up/Log in for a Mamapedia Account.
  • Buy the $15 for $30 ProFlowers Voucher
  • Use code MOMFLOWERS at checkout (subtracts $1.50 “10%”)
  • Pay $13.50
  • Log into your Swagbucks account and click the advertisement in the middle of the front page for ProFlowers.
  • Find the flowers you want to buy. There are 3 options for $19.99, which is the cheapest you can get for this deal.
  • Make sure to choose “No Vase”.
  • I’m having mine delivered Friday, because there’s no additional shipping cost. Add $4.95 if you are ordering Thursday for Friday delivery
  • Go through the checkout page
  • When you get to the confirmation page, CHECK the box at the bottom that says “I do NOT wish to receive the subscription”. THEN click the details link under it and fill out and print that form(1).
  • Add your Mamapedia Code, it will subtract $30.
  • Pay the difference. Mine was $2.91 because of the fuel surcharge.
  • PRINT that page(2) for the rebate before confirming.
  • Confirm your order, if everything is correct.
  • Go to your email and PRINT that confirmation too(3).
  • OOP will be around $16.41
  • You’ll have enough Swagbucks to buy $7.50 worth of Amazon gift cards, plus mail those 3 forms to the address on Form 1, and receive $9.99 in check.
  • After all that, technically a money maker!