Walmart: Possibly Free Wisk and Tide

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I’ve posted about these deals before but I just thought it was pretty funny that the 12 loads of Wisk cost just as much as the 1 load of Tide! How crazy!

If you use the $1/1 Tide from the P&G $110 Savings Everyday Solutions rebate book (no longer available) you can snag the packs of Tide for free. As for the Wisk, I do not think there are any mainstream coupons available, but do keep your eyes peeled. I’m hoping we get one in our inserts soon! If you do find a Wisk coupon, make sure it doesn’t exclude this adorable 12 load size. (The bottles are even cuter in person). 🙂

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  1. Christy Vandermeulen says:

    I was wondering if you purchased any of these and if you did if you could email me the UPC code? None of the walmarts in my area carry it but they told me if I get the UPC code they can look in their system and if it’s in there they can order me some. Thanks a bunch!

    • Brandi says:

      @Christy, I’ll call my mom later today to get the UPC off the bottle for you. The bottle is at my house, and I’m at college this weekend.
      I’ll get back to you soon!
      Thanks for reading!

    • Brandi says:

      @Living so abundantly, that coupon won’t work for them, unfortunately.

      There aren’t any mainstream coupons for the smaller bottles yet. Some have reported find hang tags on the larger bottles, and while I’m not encouraging anyone to take the hangtags, if you are buying the larger bottle anyway, the hangtag can be used on the tiny bottles.

  2. Janet says:

    If you do 4 loads or less per week/ I have run the math it makes way more sense to never buy a large bottle. Get the small bottles cheap or free and supplement with free until the next small bottle goes really cheap again. I spent zero for laundry soap for 2.5 years while we dug out of debt. I do spend pennies now for some small bottles but I still get almost all free. If you do 7 or more loads per week. I have discovered you can just supplement with homemade and stretch the free stuff!
    I do not advice ever buying the large bottles.

    • Brandi says:

      @Janet, you are very right!

      I almost never advise buying anything in large sizes anymore when we use coupons. Getting smaller sizes for so cheap is so much more cost effective if you have the coupons and time.

      Thanks for sharing!

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