SockGrams: ONLY $1 Shipped!

If you’ve never checked out the socks on this site, I highly recommend you check it out NOW! They have some of the coolest socks I’ve ever seen. SockGrams is supposed to be a site where you pick out socks for someone else and send then as a gift (Graduation, Birthday, Get Well, etc.). The socks come nicely wrapped with a card and samples. And while this is a wonderful idea, really, I’m just looking at buying a pair or two of these myself, I just can’t decide which ones to buy!! Go check out the site and take a look yourself. I can’t decide between the Wizard of Oz, gold fish, ballerina, etc. They are just too cute.

AND what makes these socks even better?! You can get them shipped to your door (Or someone else’s if you choose to send a SockGram) for $1 (or $1.95 if you choose the pricier socks).

How can I get in this deal, you ask?! Here:

  • Make an account with Eversave, through this link, so you can get $3 credit for subscribing to emails.
  • Click “Buy Now”
  • Enter code BEWARE at checkout (Minus $2)
  • Pay a whole $1!
  • Go to, look at all the amazing choices of socks, add some to your cart, and check out using the code you “bought” from Eversave. This should take off $12, leaving you to pay NOTHING! (Or $0.95 if you pick pricier socks).

So a pair or super cute socks, shipped all nicely packaged up, for $1! Amazing! Deal ends TODAY, so order now!!
These make fabulous gifts, as you can imagine!