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Savvy Student Shopper’s Busy Shopping Day!

I have been a busy, busy bee lately! I just got home from college for summer vacation and I’ve been running around and trying to get all my coupons together. I finally got to go do my own shopping today, so I’ll share my trips!

This first picture is a combination of ShopRite and Safeway. I’m not going to explain all the matchups because 99% of them end today or tomorrow. I’ll share next weeks sales for you all soon though!


These two trips were almost free actually. I had a lot of catalinas and overage at ShopRite which I used to buy some stuff for Michael and his mom (so it’s not included in the picture). Without the items I bought for them, I would have been negative $20. Of course, I couldn’t let that happen and I would have filled the negatives with meat and produce, but I bought their items instead. My mom bought some produce at Aldi’s today anyway. Safeway’s trip cost about $20, so it evened out, making these two trips FREE!

Take note of the hot Viva Paper Towel deal going on!

The next two pictures are of Target. I haven’t been in ages!



After all was said and done, we paid $15 for all this! It includes tennis shoes for my dad, (5) shirts for me and my mom, expensive John Frieda and more! Check out the rest of the Target deals here.

So there you have it! That’s my kind of shopping. I bought clothes, shoes, medicines, organic items, milk, diet food, sodas, snacks, expensive shampoos and beauty products and still got an amazing deal. If this doesn’t encourage you to start using coupons, I don’t know what does!

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    • Brandi says:

      @Noelle, Thanks!
      And the shoes were on clearance for $3.74, but they didn’t fit so we are taking them back

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