Free Samples: Free Stink Sack + Mojo Milk


Go here and complete the request form (enter the code FB211) to request a free Stink Sack. Stink Sacks are odor-proof, resealable bags that make common, every day items and errands easier, neater, and fresher. Use these bags to keep dog treats from stinking up your purse or sealing in the smell from herbs, waste and even bait.

Go here to request a free sample of MojoMilk! You need to click the Facebook or Twitter icon below form to be eligible.

From their page:
MojoMilk is a new alternative to current chocolate milk mixes providing the health benefits found in yogurt including immune and digestive benefits, with 60% less calories then Nesquik. MojoMilk delivers even better tasting chocolate milk, with the added advantage of probiotics, clinically proven to be beneficial for health and well being. Conveniently packaged into individual stick packs, MojoMilk is ideal for lunch boxes, backpacks or any on-the-go activity. Simply pour a MojoMilk stick pack into about 6-8 ounces of milk or milk substitute, stir it up and drink it down.

Thanks April!