What Do You Do With Your Dryer Lint?!

We all have it, but what do we all do with it?! Does that multi-colored soft ball of lint just go in the trash when you’re  finished drying your clothes?

Purex posted this on their Facebook page and it really got me thinking. And since your kiddos will be out of school soon, you might need some ideas on keeping them occupied. Maybe they can be the designated lint-getter??

Here are some ideas of what to use your dryer lint for:

  • Homemade Paper
  • Fire Starter
  • Compost it! (I love my compost)
  • Sit it out for birdies for their nests
  • Use the Paper recipe above, add seeds to the goo and give them as greeting cards that people can plant!
  • Stuff bears/pillows (Careful, lint is highly flammable)
  • Use to cushion small items when shipping
  • Stuff into an old tube sock to use as a draft stopper
  • Line plants in it for mulch/drainage affect
  • Artwork for the super creative
  • Make clay
  • Paper Mache
  • Make your own yarn

I am almost ashamed to say we’ve been throwing our lint away all this time 😉

So there you have it, a random, but interesting post on dryer lint! Any other uses you guys have?!