Random Post: Why I Love My Mom

I’ve been meaning to show this off a while ago, but I guess I didn’t get around to it!

My mother is the reason I coupon and the reason I am so frugal. My mom has been couponing since before I was born and now, 19 years later I’m taking over that job for her. She taught me everything she knew about coupons and then I blossomed into a savvy student shopper, after much time and research!

My mom struggled with what to put in my Easter basket this year, since I’m 19 and do 99% of the household shopping (or at least the planning), even when I’m away at school! It never fails, my mom comes up with creative ideas for everything. She’s always trying to ask me ideas for creative things, but she always has the good ideas!

She made me this bag and little box for Easter. I love them! When Lucy isn’t sleeping in the box, it’s used to hold random coupons that need to be taken care of. My bag is my binder bag! It holds my binder perfectly and I can show off my “savviness” while shopping.

If you ever see someone in the store walking around with that bag, say hi! I’m friendly! 😉