Heartsy: Fuzzy Funk Designs $22 Voucher for just $6!

Sold out!

Shipping looks to be only $1-$4 depending on what you order! Super great deal!
For those of you wondering, I looked up some deals. When all is said and done (Including cost of voucher, shipping, etc) here are some costs:


  • Bear Booties -$6 Shipped
  • Alligator (and other) mittens – $8 Shipped
  • And hats as low as $8 shipped
  • Mohawk Hat -as low as $18 Shipped.

Heartsy is another daily deals site. I posted them yesterday, but it sold out so quickily~ Today, if you hurry, you can get a $22 voucher to Fuzzy Funk designs (such cute knited thigns for kiddos!!!) for only $6 after your $5 credit for signing up here.

This will sell out fast, so if you aren’t ready to make the $6 NOW, then just wait until I post another deal in the future.  I think the voucher can go towards shipping, so you should be able to snag something for the initial $6!