My ShopRite Triples Trip Today!

This evening I got to go back to ShopRite to score even more great deals! Between my mother and I, this was our third trip there this week 😉

But, this trip, a lovely reader tagged along and she got to score some amazing deals, while buying essentials for her family, including cereal, eggs, and milk! She’s just starting her savvy shopping, and I’m sure she’s going to continue to do awesome. You should have seen her cart full of stuff for just $27! (Actually, you’ll get to see her picture tomorrow!)

Since I haven’t shared the last few trips (I know, I bad!) I made certain to take the picture and upload it right away (Well actually Michael did 😉  ). So here it is:

I paid $0.04+ $1.40 tax. So OOP was $1.44 for all these goodies, plus I got $8 in catalinas for next time. That’s what I call making money!

I want to mention that quite of the few of the items I got for practically free were coupons sent to me from a wonderful friend, Sylvia. The coupons came from a different state, so chances are some of these deals are not possible with the coupon values from our local papers.

Again, please let me know if anyone has questions about ShopRite triples, needs help with coupons, or wants to shop.  You can check on some match-ups here. This sale ends Saturday, and the store is already sold out of many, many things, but I LOVE this store, and with the crap I put up with at Safeway tonight, ShopRite is like an angel.

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  1. Sylvia says:

    WOW! Brandi you did awesome! And you are so so welcome for the coupons. I am so glad you were able to use them and get some great deals 🙂

    • Brandi says:


      Most of my coupons that I used during that trip came from the newspaper. I live in MD, but a lot of the coupons were mailed to me from FL. always has nice coupons. I typically post the *hot* ones when they pop up. If you are looking for coupons to use at a particular store, you can click the store’s name on the left hand side of my blog. If you are looking for ShopRite, go here.

      Every Saturday I post “What to do with your coupons” which is where I go through our coupons from the newspaper that week and recommend where you’ll score the best deals.

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