ShopRite Readers: Cellfire Bonus Money!

I don’t know if I was lucky, or if they think it’s funny for me to have to take another trip to ShopRite this week. But whatever the reason, it certainly possible to score the $5 off like I just did. Come back to let us know what you got!

Log into your Cellfire account between now until 3 PM Today to try your chance at winning a bonus coupon! You have the chance to win a $0.55, $1.75, or $5 off your next purchase!

Cellfire is a site to upload coupons to your Price Plus card, and typically the coupons “stack” with your paper manufacturer’s coupons at checkout for double savings.

The bonus coupon you win must be used by Saturday, June 4th. If I win the $5, I will be making yet another trip to ShopRite. Good luck to all of you, and let us know what you scored!

Once you are a Cellfire member, you’ll start receiving emails to let you know of these promotions.