ShopRite Triples: For Those Starting Out!

Tomorrow is our LAST day of ShopRite triples and I know tons of you have taken advantage of the deals (both new and old couponers!). But, with that being said, a lot of newbies are starting to coupon and there are some HUGE rules to couponing that I’ll cover in a post this weekend. People get very excited about couponing, but if you use a coupon wrong, you are stealing from the store because they could possibly not be reimbursed and in return, the stores are going to become less coupon friendly.

With shelves being cleared and people using coupons the wrong way, we could be saying “good-bye” to ShopRite Triples sooner than we’d like. When your $0.75/1 coupon triples, our local ShopRite is covering that additional $1.50, not their corporate or the manufacturer (You can even look on your receipt and see how much ShopRite “paid” of your purchase). We need to be grateful and show respect as couponers, which is why we’ll have a post on “Couponing with Integrity” (Thanks Dana for the term!) this weekend. If you are uncertain about using coupons, PLEASE do your research before you potentially steal from the stores.

Now, that that is said and done, onto a perfect example of how newbies can become a savvy shopper in no time! Lynnea went shopping with me the other day to take advantage of ShopRite Triples. She learned the basics of couponing first hand and scored an amazing deal on her grocery shopping for the week. Here’s her trip for just $27, saving $90! This included eggs and milk too! I want to thank Lynnea for starting her couponing adventures with me and I’m certain she’s going to continue to score great deals every week! Way to go!

I wish you all luck on your trips this weekend! You can head here to see ShopRite deals. I only ask that if you are sharing these deals, that you give credit. I’ve spent many hours and taken 4 trips to the store this week to bring the deals to you.

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