Who else had a busy day?!

Not only did I have my laptop fixed today, but I spent lots of time baking up these munchies and getting things ready for my little sister’s 8th Grade Social! (She’s growing up so fast! I remember my 8th Grade Social and as soon as I find the old pictures, I’ll add it to the post).

Aren’t these just so cute?!

And guess what’s still sitting on the counter?! Yep, all the munchies! We totally forgot to bring them with us to the school. Awesome. Guess what we’ll be having for breakfast lunch and dinner tomorrow?

And here’s an awful picture of me, but I’ll post it anyway so you can see my sister all dressed up:

And my mother also made our last trip to ShopRite Triples this week! I got a $5 off coupon on CellFire yesterday, and we couldn’t let that go to waste, especially when mom works 35 seconds from the store. Total cost was $6.42. The chicken itself was $6.48.