Giant: HOT Free Nesquik + Gas Deal!

I ran into Giant today to see if they had any Garden Delight pasta yet to use my coupons and raincheck on, but still no luck!

But I found a great deal while I was there! As usual, Giant has the “Buy Xnumber of participating items, earn 100 (or more) gas points”. This week if you buy 8 Nesquik that are on sale for 10/$10 you get 100 gas points, which equals $0.10 off every gallon next time you get gas.

I bought 8 Nesquiks at $1 each and used (8) $0.50/1 coupons, which doubled to $1. I paid $0 and now my mom will be saving $0.10 on every gallon next time she fills up! And with the size of her truck, that’s a nice savings.

If you don’t have 8 coupons, take a look at the other items included and see if buying them in addition to the FREE Nesquik is still a good deal. You need to think about how many gallons fill your tank and see how much a $0.10/gallon savings will be to see if it’s worth it.