Nylabone Bonus Coupon Inside Packages!

I posted about this coupon on Saturday (I don’t think it’s available any more though?) but if you printed it and are waiting to put it to use, listen up!

When I went shopping Saturday one of my trips was PetSmart, where I picked up the Nylabone for FREE. The only cheap ones my store had were the puppy ones in the picture above. They were $0.99, so I got $0.51 overage for the rest of my order.

When I opened up the package I found yet another coupon! Inside the package I bought was a coupon for $2 off one Natural Healthy Living dog treat by Nylabone, priced at $2 or more. My PetSmart didn’t have any for around $2, but I’ll be taking this coupon to Walmart to see what they sell.

So if you haven’t used your coupon, go ahead and buy those to get the bonus coupon!