Garden Update 6/22

I have some new pictures to share from my garden!

^^I have about 14+ tomato plants and we finally have some fruit growing!

^^A little pepper that has almost turned its black/purple color!

^^Another pepper! (Different variety)

^^The blackberries will be ripe within the next couple of weeks! I have tons, yum!

^^Look at the plumeria! Isn’t it beautiful!? ALL 5 of them have green leaves now. Call me ecstatic  🙂

^^Aren’t the lilies gorgeous?!

^^And what’s a gardening post without a picture of Little Lu?!

July should be the big gardening month. I’m expecting lots, and lots, and lots of tomatoes, a few cucumbers/squash/zucchini, peppers, radishes, potatoes, and more! My herbs are doing very well too! Anyone need some Oregano?? 😉