BuyWithMe: 2 Movie Tickets for $12! -Plus a FREE $5 Credit! Think Harry Potter!

See Harry Potter in 3D for $6!!! Amazing!! Hurry though!
This is available again!!

Here’s another HOT movie deal for those of you who are movie goers. I just bought my sister tickets to see the midnight showing of Harry Potter in 3D for only $4.50, thanks to the last Fandago deal! She’s so lucky to have me, tickets are so expensive nowadays!

  • You can sign up HERE for BuyWithMe.
  • Then go HERE to buy the voucher for 2 movie tickets for $12
  • You’ll be given a $5 credit to use on your next purchase!
  • When you’re ready, go to to apply your voucher.
  • You will have then purchased 2 movie tickets for only $6 each!

For my local readers, this works at Marley and Arundel Mills.

There are exclusions and terms so make sure you read them before you buy. If you are curious about 3D movies, basically, you have $26 towards two movie tickets, so if the 3D movies in your region are more than $13, you’ll pay the small difference.