Savvy Mom’s Trip to ShopRite Yesterday

My mom took our trip to ShopRite yesterday. Since she works so close to the store, I usually just prepare her a list and coupons and she follows rather nicely!

She spent $14.95. Not terrible I guess! The scrumptious pickles came to $2 a piece, crackers were $2.50, milk was $2.50, and toilet paper was $2.99, so prices to add up!

She also used a $5/$30 coupon courtesy of Ms. Lauren! This was our only grocery trip of the week (She bought some produce at Aldi’s the other day), so $15 isn’t shabby! (I remember when we would easily blow $80-100 a week!!!) Eating from our stockpile and garden is really helping the grocery bill. Give it a try! Stockpile, stockpile, stockpile!

See the ShopRite deals for the week HERE.