Back from the beach + Mailbox goodies!

I’m home from spending a few days at the beach and have tons to catch up on; hopefully I’ll be caught up by tomorrow. It was nice getting away for a few days, I didn’t even touch coupons while I was there! Instead, I soaked up some sun at the beach while reading and spending time with friends and family. Pictured above are the six items that didn’t leave my side 🙂

Before I even stepped foot inside my house, I checked the mailbox, and boy was it loaded! Apparently my dad forget to get the mail while we were gone for 6 days, so it was overflowing! Here are a few of the goodies:

  • Downy Unstopables
  • Milani Blush
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee sample
  • Chip’s Ahoy Cookies
  • Secret Deodorant Sample
  • Crest Toothpaste Sample
  • Garnier Shampoo Sample
  • Chick-fil-a coupons (Don’t tell my mom I stole them)
  • Safeway coupons for FREE Ice Cream
  • and many other coupons!
I love freebies!
(Give me some time to catch up on all I missed, I’ll be back into action tomorrow!)
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  1. happy1038 says:

    Welcome back Brandi 🙂 We missed you and you sure came back to some treasures didn’t you?? 🙂

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