CVS: Money Maker on Dove + Gift Card Deal!

Here’s another CVS deal for you guys! I haven’t tried it yet, but I assuming it’ll work. I’ll try it later in the week and let you know.

Buy (5) Dove Shampoos or Conditioners and (5) Dove Treatments =$30.00
Use (2) $1.50/2 Dove Hair Care coupons here (Note that ymmv using a $/$ w/ a BOGO)
Use (5) BOGO coupons from the 7/31 RP
Recieve a $5 ECB for purchasing $30 worth of Dove (Monthly deal, not advertised, hopefully it prints!)
And receive a $10 Gas Gift Card
Final cost = $3 money maker!

If you don’t have an ECB to start with, you’ll pay $12 OOP and receive $15 in Gas Cards and CVS money!


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    • Brandi says:


      CVS has no official coupon policy. There are rumors that they may not be accepting $/$ with BOGOs, but there’s nothing written yet so as I said in the post, ymmv.
      I’ll definitely have a post written up when CVS officially changes/posts a corporate policy.

  1. Jasmine says:

    i would never even try that scenario… to me it seems wrong to use a bogo coupon with $1.50/2. you are already getting one for free, why would it be ok to use another coupon for both items too???

    • Brandi says:

      I’ll draw it out for those of you who are “daring”…

      Buy 5 Shampoo/Conditioners
      Buy 5 Treatments
      Use the BOGOs = Makes ALL Treatments free
      Use (2) $1.50/2 Coupon = Attaches to 4 of the 5 shampoo/conditioners

      The BOGOs attach to the treatments and the $1.50/2 attach to 4 of the shampoo/conditioners. Not all stores will allow a $/$ with a BOGO, but most do. I can’t speak for any rumors, I can only speak for what’s happening today. As I said, ymmv (your mileage may vary). Not every person will be able to accomplish this deal, but I would never intentionally post something that was incorrect.

      Buying just a Shampoo and Treatment, and using the BOGO and the $1.50/2 would be very incorrect, but that’s not what I posted.

      I hope this draws it out a bit better for anyone else.

    • Brandi says:


      It’s not okay to use 2 coupons on one item. In this case, the $1.50/2 is attaching solely to Shampoo/Conditioners, where the BOGOs are attaching to Treatments.

      The Treatments will be free, and then you’ll be getting $0.75 off 4 of the Shampoo/Conditioners.

  2. Jasmine says:

    i think the ymmv everyone tends to use just means that you found a cashier dumb enough to do it, doesn’t mean it’s right to do so!! CVS cashiers can technically make any coupon “work”

  3. Jen Bunny says:

    @Jasmine: If something is against the policy and you find a cashier to do it, you are right, that is still wrong.
    However, if it is not against the policy, the cashiers should allow you to do the deal and the “ymmv” just means that some stores may not have the deal/allow the deal, etc.

  4. Lori says:

    I think I am confused by what you ladies are finding “wrong” about this scenario. She is not suggesting buying 1 Shampoo and 1 Treatment and using 1 of each coupon. I think Brandi explained it quite clearly in her post above. If you have an issue with this blog’s coupon ethics, then maybe you should start your own and preach your own policy.
    YMMV as to how you accept this post.

  5. Shannon says:

    Jasmine, you have misread the correct scenario Brandi provided since your comment does not make sense and does not apply to the correct usage of coupons below. Please view it again here:

    Buy (5) Dove Shampoos or Conditioners and (5) Dove Treatments =$30.00
    Use (2) $1.50/2 Dove Hair Care coupons here (Note that ymmv using a $/$ w/ a BOGO)
    Use (5) BOGO coupons from the 7/31 RP

    As noted above, only 2 of the $1.50/2 coupons are indicated for use on the shampoo/conditioner ONLY. You should read this scenario more carefully before making a comment that is completely irrelevant.

    “i think the ymmv everyone tends to use just means that you found a cashier dumb enough to do it, doesn’t mean it’s right to do so!! CVS cashiers can technically make any coupon “work”

    Also I believe when Brandi says “ymmv” she is advising that your results may vary based upon region, stock available, coupons available to a particular individual, internal and external factors, price variation, and market variation.

  6. April M says:

    Jasmine-Brandi would never tell her readers to commit any coupon fraud. She explained it perfectly in her later post. You aren’t using two coupons on one product.
    As far as finding a dumb cashier, that isn’t how this deal would work and she wouldn’t advise it.
    It’s an ethical deal. If you can’t understand it, then you should not blast Brandi. She explained it clearly and if you read the rest of her blog, Brandi is adamant about not committing coupon fraud.

  7. Lori says:

    Hey Brandi.

    Any chance this deal lasts longer than Saturday? I need qs. Doubt any orders would get to me in time lol

    • Brandi says:


      The Gas Gift card deal ends Saturday 🙁
      The $5 Dove ECB deal is supposed to be a monthly deal when you buy $30 worth. I’m not positive it is printing yet, but if it does, the deal will go through August. (Just the $5 ECB, not the $10 gas card).

  8. elizabeth says:

    I think this is an awesome deal-I would definitely have to donate most of it or share with friends. I hope it goes past saturday.

    Since CVS has no written policy, policy will vary store to store. There is no reason for this deal not to work unless you have a picky store, then that is where the ymmv will apply. It is important to understand a deal before going to the store and shopping, as well as before you accuse someone of wrong doing.

  9. Greta says:

    This deal was termed ymmv specifically because CVS doesn’t have a written coupon policy. I have 3 local CVS stores. One encourages the use of a BOGO coupon with a $ off coupon. They are thrilled for the extra business! One of my local stores specifically prohibits the use of a BOGO coupn and a $ off coupon. They are not willing to risk nonreimbursment from the manufacturer if coupons are used incorrectly. By that statement, I do not mean it is incorrect to combine a BOGO with a $off- I am merely noting that mistakes can be made and in some cases one or the other of the coupons prohibits it. My third local CVS has not taken a stance on the issue. They deal with coupons on an as needed basis. Using a BOGO coupon with a $off coupon is specifically allowed in some store’s coupon policies (Rite Aid) and specifically not allowed at others. Since it isn’t addressed by CVS corporate, the deal was termed a ymmv by this (very ethical IMO) blogger to warn you that your experience may or may not go as planned.

    If you feel it is wrong to combine a BOGO and a $off coupon, you certainly don’t need to do the deal. That is your opinion, and you are entitled to it.

    However, in my experience this blogger goes out of her way to make sure we don’t use any coupon incorrectly. I’ve seen her take special concern to tell us not to do things that would ‘work’ but are not right that she has seen posted elsewhere. I’ve also seen her speak out about incorrect coupon usage and how it hurts all of us and our stores.

    I hope that helps clarify things a little bit for you both.

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