New Saving Star Coupons to Load


SavingStar is another coupon website, but these coupons are virtual and get downloaded to your store’s loyalty card. When you’re at the store, and purchase the specified product, the coupon amount doesn’t come off at the register like a normal coupon, it actually adds up on this online account on SavingStar. When you have saved $5, they will send you the payment via PayPal, to your bank account, or in an Amazon gift card.

I don’t count on SavingStar to save me money at the store, but it’s nice to have it add up when you might not even realize it. SavingStar released new coupons yesterday and the good ones will reach a limit soon, so sign up here and start adding coupons to your cards!

Only select stores participate and it varies by area. Under my zip code, CVS, Rite Aid, Giant, Weis, Shoppers, Food Lion, etc. partipate.

Go ahead and sign up or log in here to get your coupons!