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Shopping Trips from 8/17: Mall, Target & CVS!

Did you notice a lack of posts last night?? That’s because I went shopping -Finally!

The computer and blogging was doing nothing for my migraine, so I napped and then headed out for some deals! I stopped at the mall (I haven’t been there in months!), Target, and CVS.

The picture above is of my scores at the mall. I was so excited to do some cheap clothes shopping! And it was tax FREE shopping week in MD!

Victoria’s Secret:
(2) Pairs of Undies – FREE w/ coupon from mail

American Eagle (2 transactions thanks to Michael):
Transaction 1 – Orchid Eyelet Tank $11.99 – $10 coupon from ShopKick = $1.97!
Transaction 2 – Hot Pink Tee $10 + $1 Mints –  $10 coupon from ShopKick = $1.01!

Cute Flowery  Dress w/ lame cardigan $14.40 – $10 coupon from mail = $4.40!
(You can also sign up from JCPenny offers here)

Target was next! I didn’t plan a trip at all. I really just wanted to get my $7 ottoman (they were out of green!) and Sour Patch Kids.

  • (1) Storage Ottoman $14 – 50% off coupon = $7!
  • (4) Sour Patch Kids $1.50 – $1/2 MQ & $0.72/2 TQ = $2.50 for all 4!
  • (1) PaperMate Pens $1 – $1/1 coupon here =  FREE!
  • (2) Ortega Seasonings -Clearanced to $0.34
  • (1) Chicken Bouillion Cubes – Clearanced to $0.56
  • (1) Bottle of Beef Cubes – Clearanced to $1.17
Paid $12.65!


And then CVS was last. I love my CVS. I price check everything for possible clearance. It’s so relaxing 🙂 I’ll ramble about clearance finds in the near future.

I paid $0.50 + tax for all pictured. I used a freebie coupon for the Hershey’s Air bar from a long time ago. And I got the Hershey dark chocolate bar free because my store didn’t carry the Caramello bars (which we got a free coupon for from the machine).

In total, I spent about $20!
(I also made a trip to Safeway, but because of the shelf clearers in this area… I have nothing to brag about!)

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