**HOT** HP TOUCHPAD as Low as $99.99!

Update 2: The 16 GB model is currently available at Barnes and Noble for $101.95.  The 32 GB model has not yet been discounted on their site, but feel free to keep checking! (AND you can go through ShopAtHome for 8% Cash Back + New sign ups get $5 FREE!!)

Update: The price is currently back up sky high…but keep checking back. You never know if they’ll add more and lower the price again.
Like I said:  This is a buy now, think later type of deal.

If you’re in the market for a tablet, then LISTEN UP! HP is discontinuing their TouchPads, and the prices have DROPPED dramatically. This deal is going to be a total YMMV, because they are selling out left and right everywhere (in store and online). The two links below seem to be working at the moment. If it says it’s sold out keep checking back, because it keeps changing!

But anyway, the 16 GB is going for $99.99!!! (Down from $499.99) and the 32 GB is $149.99 (Down from $599.99). This is a *HOT* price. Cheaper than an iPod even! And a tablet is an MP3 player, e-book reader,  game system, computer, etc. ALL IN ONE.

Christmas is coming up, these make superb gifts, and the price is too good to pass up. This is a buy now, think later type of deal.
(Can you just picture your child’s face when they get a tablet under the tree?!) 

HP TouchPad 16 GB

HP TouchPad 32 GB