*HOT* Local Readers: Baltimore Sun 26 Weeks for $10 OR Get Multiple Copies Each Week OR Renew your Current Subscription!

This AMAZING deal is back again!!! Please sign up for this if you want to start couponing, I would hate to say “I told you so”! I cannot stress to you enough how good this deal is. This is your best chance!!! (Also, if you want to add more coupons to your stash!)

If you are a local reader you are definitely going to want to check this out! Today’s Baltimore Groupon is for 26 week’s weekend subscription to the Baltimore Sun for ONLY $10! This is the newspaper that has all the best coupon inserts and it is vital if you want to be an avid couponer. The coupons will pay for the $10 subscription in the first week! This is originally $75 (a 87% savings!). If you are just even considering starting to coupon or need to renew your subscription, there will be no better time. This is $0.38/newspaper. It’s like $1.50-2 at the store!

Haven’t heard of Groupon? Go sign up here and you’ll see the deal under Baltimore!

The deal is only good for 2 more days, but there’s always a possibility of it selling out, so do not delay!

IF you are already a Baltimore Sun subsrciber and would like to add a second (or third) subscritpion or want to extend your offer for another 26 weeks with this deal email [email protected] or call 888.539.1280 to let them know that you are either requesting multiple newspapers delivered each weekend OR that you want to extend your subscription for $10. If you don’t let them know, they will get confused and just not send you any newspaper at all.