Eversave: $50 worth of Uggs as low as $22!

I’ll start off saying that this deal is not a freebie or anything close, but if you’re in the market for a new pair of Uggs for you or a Christmas present, I think this deal is worth checking out.

New members to Eversave get a $3 credit for signing up here. If you’re already a member of Eversave, you may have even more credits to use!

Today’s Save is: $25 for $50 worth of UGG footwear and sheepskin apparel from Overland.com & Free Shipping!

You can get this Save as low as $22 if you’re a new member. You can take your voucher over to Overland.com to save $50. Including the cost of the voucher, that’s $28 off a new pair of Uggs shipped FREE! Finding discounts on Uggs are hard to come by, so this might be a good deal for you. I know I’ve been eyeing up these guys below for years! 😉