*HOT* (Reminder!) Zaycon is Coming to Maryland -$1.49/lb Chicken!

Zaycon just lowered their price to $1.49/lb!! This is the cheapest price you’ll see, so please take advantage of this!

This is GREAT news for my local readers (and also, Zaycon is coming to many, many states so you might as well sign up and see if your state is listed too)! Zaycon offers fresh meat and produce, directly from the farmers at a discounted price. With Zaycon this October, you buy your raw chicken breasts in bulk (40 lbs). You are able to split the case with friends and family. Because you’re buying in bulk, the price is cheaper than what you will find in stores (around $1.69/lb). Typically, $1.99 is a great price on chicken breasts in store, but with Zaycon you get a cheaper price AND quality meat.

We eat A LOT of chicken at my house, multiple times a week! So this is a great deal for my family and it is for many others as well.

As my lovely local readers, if you’re interested in Zaycon, I NEED you to make an account here (this does not tie you to having to buy anything, this is simple a count). They have to have an idea of how many people are interested. If they have enough interest, we will get our chicken delivered right to our town! PLEASE share this post with your family, friends, neighbors if you think they’d be interested in this deal.

After making an account, please take this short survey here, letting them now which city you’re located! Right now, they have one MD delivery location… but it’s not even in our county. 🙁

If you have any questions about Zaycon, feel free to ask. I think this will be an awesome deal for us, so please spread the word and take advantage if you’re interested.

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  1. Lori says:

    I did it! I am so sad. They are coming to 4 locations in Montana but all on the west side of the state. We are the biggest city in the state. We need love too! I sent them a big list of sites they could have it.

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