Update on My Giveaway Round Up!

  1. First of all, if you haven’t entered my giveaways, you better get your butt over there and enter them! There’s some fun stuff to win!
  2. I’m now covering the shipping cost of the FREE Tutu and FREE Flip Flop Car Decal. Since my blog has a ton of frugal followers, I figure many of you are turned off by actually having to pay for something (gasp! I know, I know…). So I’m covering your shipping cost, so head on over to those giveaways and enter if you didn’t before.
  3. As written on all the giveaway pages if you want the most chances of winning you have to complete the simple tasks listed. In order to get your entries, YOU MUST leave separate comments, that is how the WordPress Plugin works. If you say “I like you, her page, and shared the giveaway” all in the same post…you still only have one entry. Sorry, but that’s the way it goes! Make sure you read carefully. If you are a careful reader, go ahead and laugh at those who don’t follow the directions 😉
  4. If you say you “Like” our pages, don’t go and “Unlike” us after you leave a comment. I can tell, they can tell, and you won’t win. In my last giveaway, the first winner I choose said “I Like you on Facebook”, but they didn’t. Did they win? Of course not, I picked someone else. This is my business, I promote through Facebook and I would rather you just not “like” my page than be a dishonest person. I could be mean and list all of you on here 😉

With that being said, here are the giveaways!