Saveology: All You Magazine as low as $9.50/year!

If you are looking to renew your current subscription or to start taking this whole couponing thing seriously, then here’s  a great deal on All you Magazine.

  • First sign up/ log into your Saveology account here
  • You should see the deal for $15 for $30 worth of Magazines from Magazines.com
  • Purchase the voucher for $15
  • Take your voucher (when it’s ready) to Magazines.com and purchase the 2-year subscription to All You Magazine ($34)
  • Use your $30 voucher, Pay $4
  • In all, that’s $19 OOP for a 2-year subscription to All You Magazine, or $0.79/issue!
This is definitely a great deal! The magazine sells for a couple bucks at Walmart and Amazon has it for $20/year.