Savvy Student Shopper’s Trips to CVS and Rite Aid

I took trips to both CVS and Rite Aid last night to catch up on the week’s deals. This is the first time I’ve been to Rite Aid in months! It felt weird and bitter sweet since now I have to go back and spend/roll these $16 UP Rewards!

I’m not going to take the time to explain each deal because they end today, but if you want CVS matchups ending today, they are here.

Here’s my trip to Rite Aid:

(1) 28 ct. Prevacid
(8) Cover Girl Face Products
(1) Oral B Toothbrush
(1) NoNonsense Panty Hose
(1) Revlon Age Defying Makeup

I used coupons for everything and a $10 UP Reward from a previous transaction. I paid about $14 + tax OOP  and will receive a $18 rebate from the Prevacid. This is way more money than I usually pay OOP, but we couldn’t pass up this Prevacid deal! I also received $16 in UP Rewards back, plus a $3 SCR from Oral B. The Cover Girl will also get me my free Taylor Swift products here.

And here’s CVS:

My store was out of stock of the Swiffer and I didn’t need too much else.
(4) Theraflu (See deal here!)
(6) Dove Shampoo/Conditioner
(3) Puff’s Plus with Vicks

I paid $1.96 and got a $5 ECB back!

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  1. Krishna says:

    Hi Brandi! I just would like to ask if the CVS that you went to accepted the $1 any Vicks product coupon. I went to the CVS store close to our house but they didn’t accept it.


    • Brandi says:


      Yes, my CVS accepted the $1/1 Vicks coupon. The coupon did beep, but when I showed him the VIck’s logo on the Puffs, he passed the coupon through. Another reason it may cause problems is due to the fact they were on sale or $0.99 and the coupon was trying to take $1 off.

      Things like this are a “ymmv”. You can’t win them all!

  2. Katherine says:

    LUCKY! 😀
    I stopped by yesterday at my local cvs to buy my Dove shampoos (because I recieved my $5/$25 q at the end of the week) but all the shelves were completely empty 🙁 even the little display in the front! I hate shelf clearers.

    • Brandi says:


      You’re lucky to get that $5/$25! I never get them anymore!

      All your Dove was gone? 🙁 That’s terrible. Mine was well stocked, except the conditioner! It looked like someone came in and cleared the conditioners, and left all the shampoos!

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