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Endorse (New Facebook App): Earn 10% Back Shopping and Free Stuff!

Feel free to share your links here after you Endorse!

I’ve been trying this application out and I wanted to share with you guys because I think it has some great potential!

Endorse is an application through Facebook that encourages YOU to shop at your normal stores and buy your favorite brands AND they will pay you for it! And then, share it with your friends (the store or brand) and earn even more! Once you reach $25 in your Endorse account, you’ll be mailed a check.

Endorse pays you back 10% every time you buy your favorite products, shop at your favorite retailers, and eat at your favorite restaurants. The way it works is you click the “endorse” button on your favorite things, buy them as you normally do in the real world, and then send in your receipts as your “proof of purchase.” (They provide a free return envelope!)

You can also get your endorsed and purchased products for FREE by getting 5 others to do the same. After you endorse a store, you can then share it to your friends. When they click on the link, endorse, and buy, you get the “credit” for their purchases. If 5 do so, you will be reimburse you for your ENTIRE trip.

You are rewarded on what you actually pay out of pocket; so your endorse rewards are based on your total after your coupons. So on top of using coupons, Endose is an easy way to save a bit more.

If you’re interested in giving Endorse a try, simply follow the links below and “Endorse” the stores you regularly shop at:

And here are some brands you can Endorse (there are so many!):
I encourage you all to share with your friends on Facebook! I’ll post my links on the Savvy Student Shopper Wall and then you can “Endorse” and share with your friends as well.
This is a very new application, so give it some time. I’m definitely excited to give it a try though! You can’t beat getting paid to shop at your normal stores. 🙂