One Kings Lane: FREE Dog Leashes and Collars (Just $4.95 to Ship)!

Code is expired!

I LOVE this deal! You have so many options to use up your $15 sign up credit AND take advantage to that $15 off code (get-inspired) on One Kings Lane! Sign up here if you aren’t a member!

If you check out the Mascot collection, you’ll be able to score $30 worth of merchandise (toys, collar, leash, etc) for your doggy, for FREE!

You do have to pay $4.95 for shipping, but you WILL NOT be able to get 2 leashes or this style at the pet store for $5! You doggy will LOVE getting a Christmas present!

Just add $30 or more to your cart and use code get-inspired. Then pay $4.95 shipping! Hurry though, things are selling out!

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