Savvy Student Shopper’s Friday Night

Michael and I made some holiday treats tonight! I really wanted some toasted pumpkin seeds, but I didn’t want to carve a pumpkin. I also wanted to make caramel apples, but we didn’t have caramel. And I wanted to make cookies, but we didn’t do that either. We did make homemade candy corn and popcorn balls though. Neither hit the spot at all for me! I am not a fan of candy corn (these were cute though) and the popcorn balls weren’t ‘all that’ either. Oh well 😉

Maybe I’ll make something yummy tomorrow after hitting up some stores! They are calling for snow tomorrow, in October! It’s crazy :O And I hate the cold so much!

And I also wanted to share these pictures of Squirt and Lucy. They’ve both found a new spot to sit/sleep while we work in the kitchen. The pictures were taken within hours of each other. Aren’t they so cute??

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