How to See Recent Posts on Facebook

With all the crazy Facebook changes, people are missing out on their friends statuses and more importantly, the freebies!

By the time you see that I posted that free sample, it could already be gone! Here are two easy ways to make sure you’re seeing what you want to see on your News Feed:

  1. Log in to Facebook and “Like” the Savvy Student Shopper if you haven’t already
  2. Go to your home news feed and click “Sort” at the top right of the feed.  Then select “Recent Stories First” -so you’ll catch all the freebies asap!
  3. Then, find a post from the Savvy Student Shopper (either on your news feed or my wall). Click on the arrow towards the top right of the post and select “Highlight this story”. (As seen in example above) This makes sure your favorite pages aren’t hidden from your view.
Hopefully that helps you see more of what YOU want on Facebook.