CVS: $4 Money Maker on a $50 American Express Card

Starting today, 12/18, at CVS, you’ll get a $10 ECB back for buying a $50.00 American Express Gift Card!
*Make sure to purchase the one that is specifically for $50 (not the $25-$100), because the activation fee is $1 less 🙂 Thanks Lauren! 

Buy American Express Giftcard $50.00
Pay $54.95 (With Activation Fee!)
Get a $10.00 ECB back (Limit 1)
Final cost = $5.05 money maker.


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  1. Lauren P. says:

    If you get the Amex Gift Card that is specifically $50 (as opposed to one that is “$25-$100”), then the Purchase Charge will only be $4.95, making it a $5.05 MM!

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