MyCokeRewards: FREE Coca-Cola 12-Pack Coupon just 30 Points!

Today ONLY (while supplies last!) you can a coupon for a FREE 12 pack of Coca-Cola! SOLD OUT!

You’ll need just 30 points in your My Coke Rewards account. This coupon is regularly 240 points, so this is quite a deal! No limit??

Sign up for MyCokeRewards and start entering in your codes!

5 replies
  1. Katherine says:

    It’s still morning and it’s already gone. lol
    I missed the last one, hopefully they’ll have it again soon.

    • Brandi says:


      I know, I’m sorry! It was there super early this morning/late last night! There was no limit, so I guess people with a lot of points snagged them all up.

  2. Katherine says:

    Can you believe I went to bed thinking “I gotta check what prize MyCokeRewards has in the morning.” Little did I know, it would be posted 3 hours later. haha.

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