Savvy Student Shopper’s Splurges!

While I’m out of town, I’d figure it would be a nice time to talk about our splurges 🙂 As savvy shoppers, we save money in many areas of our life, but I’m sure everyone has a splurge or two (or more!). I wanted to share mine and you can share yours as well:

  1. CROCS! -Yep, I wear Crocs, all the time. During the warmer months I wear the Mary Janestyle because they are smaller and less bulky compared to the original ones. During cold season, I wear the Fuzzy Crocs (except mine are the older ones with all the holes). While I always get a deal on my Crocs, I will not buy the off-brand ones. No one will convince me that they are as good as Crocs, so that is why the Crocs brand shoes are a splurge for me!
  2. North Face Fleece-I’m not a ‘The North Face’ freak or anything, I just LOVE my fleece. Yes, it’s a $50 shirt, but it’s worth every single penny to me. They are so soft, beautiful, fitted, and hold up so well! I wear my yellow one constantly (with Crocs as a matter of fact!). I own a bunch of other fleeces from Target, Kohls, etc., but none of them compare to the quality of my North Face. <3
  3. A Smart Phone -I own one of those Droid things and absolutely love it. Remember last summer when I asked y’all if I should splurge on it? Well, I did! I do pay the extra fee every month, but it’s worth it. I use my phone for email, blogging, dealin’, and more. Necessary?, of course not, but I use my hard earned money to pay for it!
  4. A Nice Laptop -One of the biggest wastes of money in my opinion, is buying a cheap laptop. I depend on my laptop for everything and it needs to be super dependable. I don’t like throwing around price points or anything, but if you’re in the market for a new laptop, save your money until you can afford to splurge! There’s nothing worse than paying a few hundred on a laptop that isn’t going to last and doesn’t do its job. A good laptop is something even frugal me will spend top dollar on.

So who else has a splurge? Do you spend way too much money on Starbucks or shoes? 😉

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  1. PK says:

    A nice cut of steak! It may be much pricier than other meals I cook, but it’s a special treat and is still much less expensive than eating out!

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