MyPoints: Did you get credited for your OpenSky order?

Those of you who took advantage of this offer I posted HERE, should check your MyPoints account and see if you were credited your 3,500 points. Me and many others had not been credited after 30 days, so I contacted them. They apologized and credited my account my missing points. -Fast and good service on their part!

If you completed this offer when I mentioned back in November (it’s not available anymore):

  • Log into your MyPoints account
  • Check to see if you have 3,500 points from the OpenSky offer
  • If you don’t have points, click “Contact Member Services” under the offer in your points que (see picture below)
  • In your email, explain that your points have not been credited and it has been over 30 days. Copy/Paste your confirmation email from OpenSky to prove you made an order (even if it was $0).

I don’t like posting deals that don’t end up working, so this is why I’m making this post. It’s your job to contact them to get your points for this offer. You should received 3,500 points (which will be pending for a few days) and then you’ll be able to cash in for 2 $10 gift cards.