*HOT* Local Readers: Baltimore Sun 26 Weeks for $10 OR Get Multiple Copies Each Week OR Renew your Current Subscription!

FIRST of all, I do not by any means support the Baltimore Sun (I’m an currently on the phone with them now actually). I have the hardest time receiving my paper, sometimes they forget all 3. I’m paying for 3 subscriptions and I’ve never seen the 3rd one in my driveway and I’ve seen the 2nd subscription I’m paying for about 20% of the time. I call every month and it’s the worst service I’ve ever had to deal with. Not everyone has these problems, but my family has dealt with the Baltimore Sun for years. So, there’s your warning and my rant. But I will say…

This great deal is back again! Please sign up for this if you want to start couponing (and just hope your paper boy isn’t as stupid as mine is).

If you are a local reader you are definitely going to want to check this out! Today’s Baltimore Groupon is for 26 week’s weekend subscription to the Baltimore Sun for ONLY $10! This is the newspaper that has all the best coupon inserts and it is vital if you want to be an avid couponer. The coupons will pay for the $10 subscription in the first week! This is originally $75 (a 87% savings!). If you are just even considering starting to coupon or need to renew your subscription, there will be no better time. This is $0.38/newspaper. It’s $2 at the store!

Haven’t heard of Groupon? Go sign up here and you’ll see the deal under Baltimore!

The deal is only good for 2 more days, but there’s always a possibility of it selling out, so do not delay!

IF you are already a Baltimore Sun subsrciber and would like to add a second (or third) subscritpion or want to extend your offer for another 26 weeks with this deal email [email protected] or call 888.539.1280 to let them know that you are either requesting multiple newspapers delivered each weekend OR that you want to extend your subscription for $10. If you don’t let them know, they will get confused and just not send you any newspaper at all.