What’s New for Savvy Student Shopper

Morning guys! Hopefully you see a change on the blog this morning. Tech boy (boyfriend) was tired of dealing with all the errors and mess of the old theme/layout/thing, so we switched it up in hopes that this will be easier to use for me and you both!

I haven’t removed anything, so just let me know if you need help finding something. All the categories are located above, with drop downs for even more options. And to the right you’ll find links to all my social networking sites! (I think I’m going to experiment with videos/youtube soon. :O  )

If you come across anything that seems broken or misspelled, please let me know. I know this isn’t the cutest and best layout out there, but until Savvy Student Shopper gets big and can afford to hire someone, this is what we have. It’s functional at least!

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