$5 Off Centrum ProNutrients Coupons (Available Again)

The Centrum ProNutrients coupons have reset on Coupons.com (zip code 90210).

These coupons are great to have, especially since these have been on sale every where, every week 🙂

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  1. Lauren P. says:

    Yay! I’ve been stocking up on the Omega-3 and the Fruit & Veggie Pronutrients. Snagged a couple for free at CVS the other week, but they didn’t have much in stock and now they’ve stopped carrying the 50 count. Since then I’ve been getting them for $2.99/50-ct. bottle at Target. The Omega-3 and the Fruit & Veggie 50-ct. bottles are regularly priced at $9.99 at my local Target. There’s a $2/1 Centrum Pronutrients Target coupon that’s been rolling out of the Catalina machine (it seems to be triggered every time I purchase either the Omega-3 or Fruit & Veggie (I haven’t tried the Probiotics) and I’ve been stacking it with these $5/1 Qs.

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